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New work up on my website, thanks to James @ Fist of Flour for being awesome.


East Bay Hills, CA

Mushroom hunting this weekend after a long overdue rain.

More new work up on my website: Eric Cheng’s cute lil drone for Pop Photo.

For Popular Science - updated my website with work from this assignment.

Carl Bass, CEO of Autodesk, for Popular Science.

My portrait of professional drone photographer Eric Cheng, for Popular Photography.

On the ferry to work yesterday.


Javier for East Bay Express

One thing I like about doing editorial work is you never know where your camera will bring you or who you will meet. This portrait was for a story on PTSD in young victims of urban violence. 

I met Javier on a corner of Telegraph Ave, where he picked me up in his van. We drove around Oakland while he told me about his life. His family had come to California to escape the drug violence in Columbia, but then he had been shot in the spine on his way home from his senior prom. He joined a neighborhood gang for protection when he came out of the hospital in a wheelchair. Surrounded by violence he said he had to get out - he now works with youth through the same program that helped him leave his old neighborhood.