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Tying down the Poler Mystic Tarpent at Upper Little Truckee River, CA. Kind of amazing what you can do with a tarp and a couple of good knots.


Introducing The Mystic Tarpent!

Some photos from my summer bike travels are up on the Poler Stuff website for their new tarp tent, which my friend and I field tested on our month long adventure. I have a lot of film I’m going through and scanning right now that will be posted on my personal project Further Farther soon, as well as a photo essay for Poler Stuff.

This photo was taken at Sykes Hot Springs in Big Sur, CA.

Hillsboro, OR

Next week, my friend and I are going to ride our bikes from Portland to Oakland. It’s going to be awesome.

Big Sur, CA

Big Sur, CA

Have been pretty busy the last month, I was able to piggyback a little vacation on top of a shoot in Santa Rosa. I biked up from Oakland and camped at Spring Lake Park there for a few days, and then did a little two day tour on the way back through Napa Valley which was beautiful, a great little break, and also extremely hot. Glad to be back home by the bay planning some shoots for September while I recover from my little journey.