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NEW WORK: updated my web site with work from several recent assignments, including this outtake from the bee shoot.

I photographed Facebook’s design director Julie Zhou for Fortune magazine with an old school printing press in their “analog workshop”.


Instagram Blog: Instagram as a Growing Business


Over the past three years we’ve watched with amazement as Instagram has grown to a global community of more than 150 million people capturing and sharing the world’s moments. Instagram is a place where people come to connect and be inspired, and our focus with every product we build is keeping it…

What about using a percentage of advertising profits to give grants to non-brand members of the community to produce more good photography and promote it through the same means?

Oh wait I forgot, the photographers are the product being sold to the advertisers, not the photography to the “community”.

War on Drugs

Last week I shot Will Dennis, the founder of San Francisco based startup Spinlister. Will’s site is a marketplace that connects cyclists who have extra bikes to people who need bike rentals.

I currently have 4 bikes in my apartment (they’re all different, I swear) so I am pretty sure I am the target audience for this service.

Further Farther is a new blog for my personal project, a collection of images I’ve taken on bike tours/adventures on 35mm. Check it out!

I was messing around with this in the studio yesterday. I like this set up and think I’ll use it for something else, I just couldn’t figure out what direction I wanted to go with this prop.

Damon Rudisill